Henwood Plant Equipment Trading (HPT) is one of our main branch office located in Naif Market, Dubai. HPET is mainly concentrating on agricultural equipments and construction equipments product line. HPET having wide ranges of products in similar line.

Product Line Agricultural Equipments Agriculture is not only growing food for peoples. It’s also growing other some valued things for nature. Henwood Plant Equipment understanding what needed for different regions around the world to grow their productivity.
Henwood Plant Equipment having wide ranges agricultural equipments like Water pumps, Submersible Water pumps, Bare-Engines, Electric Motors, Suction Hoses, Water Hoses, Delivery Flat Hoses and Industrial and manual sprays machines. .etc from the exclusive manufactures.We providing quality assured after sales and service for our valued customers.

Construction Equipments Development of tools with started humans Hand and teeth are first tools. Simple tools were eventually used to create a better living environment. As the tool improved, the amount and speed which construction work could be done increased. There for the scale of complexity of construction project increased.
Here Henwood Plant Equipment made a major division to provide a wide ranges construction equipments from No.1 manufactures. Our experience in similar field helping you to select a optimum equipment to do a job.
We never compromise quality of our products, therefore all what we offer is carefully selected to exceed high regional and international standards